Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

“Frederique Murphy exceeded my expectations for her session “Full Capacity Brain: Solving Complex Problems and Making Solid Decisions Under Pressure” at our European conference. Not only did she dazzle the attendees on stage but you would have never guessed that she flew in last minute because a colleague couldn’t make it. As a planner, I can’t fully put into words how thankful I was that she accommodated the last minute request and rearranged her schedule to support our event. She truly shines on stage and off.”


“I attended the ‘Mountain Moving Mindset’ session provided by Frederique on Day 1 of IBTMWorld in Barcelona, and this was by far the best session I attended all day. Come to think of it, it was absolutely one of the best sessions I have seen all year (and we are in December!). Frederique inspires with her enthusiasm, her can-do attitude, refreshingly positive outlook towards life, and impressive content: you will leave the room extremely motivated and eager to start addressing your challenges in life and achieve the goals that you are dreaming of. A powerful session by a powerful lady!”


“Having attended Frederique’s talk on A Rendezvous with your Fears: How to Scientifically Break Through your Comfort Zone To Grow at the EMCC Ireland National Conference, I have to say I found her presentation very inspiring. I had a basic knowledge of the subject matter; however, much of Frederique’s content was both new and extremely thought-provoking. Frederique’s unique presenting style, which I would I describe as passionate, energetic, fun and motivational, really adds to the powerful material she presents. Excellent talk, fantastic stuff!”


“I have worked with Frederique in Junior Chamber International where she was a guest speaker and trainer in our National Convention in Dublin in 2013 (and returned in 2015 as our closing keynote speaker). Frederique is an inspiring speaker who knows her stuff. She gets her audience engaged and delivers high-quality work. All of this combined with her energetic character makes her a speaker and coach that I can truly recommend.”


“Frederique Murphy delivered the opening keynote at our Global Leadership and Enablement Summit, which was held in May 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. Her “Lead Beyond The Edge” talk explained how the Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) can help move people from good to great. Her main message, the mind is powerful and can change your life and your results, did resonate with all of our members. She is a truly inspirational speaker with deep knowledge of her topic. She speaks from the heart in a style that combines academics and real world experience perfectly. Many of our meeting attendees have continued to contact Frederique months after her presentation, which is a testament to the value of her message. She was on point, and the perfect way to kick-off a great week of meetings: thank you again for the very impactful session!”


“I had the privilege of hearing Frederique give one of her M3 talks yesterday. It was an inspiring hour, but above all it was practical! There are strategies galore in her talk to help you change negative thought patterns, push past your fears and get the life you deserve. Frederique is very clear – this is not a magic bullet and it depends on YOU implementing it. No victim mentality or excuses allowed. And she is living breathing proof it can be done from even the darkest of starting points.”


“I have used Frederique in an inspirational speaker capacity for a Team building exercise with my current team and not only I was impressed by the delivery and the charisma but the feedback on the quality, the insight and the overall passion in making sure people understood that making choice is a powerful tool was positively overwhelming.”