Paddy Lavelle

Believe me. You will feel much more empowered and much more able to achieve whatever it is that you want.
“I just attended a three-day workshop with Frederique Murphy helping me to take my own business to the next level. And what I’ve discovered about Frederique and the work she does, was really amazing. I discovered it doesn’t matter what your goal is. It doesn’t matter if it’s about you wanting to change your business or wanting to change your lifestyle. Frederique can get you there.

She has a number of talents which she brings together to help business owners achieve their goals and their dreams. Combining her passion for helping others to succeed with her vision for success, Frederique communicates in a way that is highly motivational and inspiring. With a practical understanding of business, what further differentiates Frederique is her ability to translate a long term vision into a practical implementation plan. She has a unique mix of charm, empathy, understanding with the experience of having done it herself. So everything she does is real and it works. I found it really incredible.

By attending Wealth Without Borders, I was also reminded that my potential is only limited by my own mindset and that keeps me feeling very optimistic and very motivated. And I’d have come from a position where I thought if I get a small little goal I would be happy with that. But after attending this event, I knew that I could achieve so much more. While business is important, it is only a means to an end. Living life to the full is much more important. Since attending the event, I have become much more aware of how to best use my time to the benefit of my business, the benefit of my clients and, most importantly, to the benefit of my family and friends and I have put a number of supports in place to achieve this. I would highly recommend Frederique as a guide to help people expand their horizons and make the transition from where they are to where they want to be, and recommend this event. Believe me. You will feel much more empowered and much more able to achieve whatever it is that you want.”