How To Change Something You Are Unhappy With In 3 Steps

Step 1 => Just
Step 2 => Do
Step 3 => It

Just Do It!

Ok, I am kidding!!! But, actually, not that much 😉

I wanted to start this article by getting a reaction from you, and I know that most of you must have smiled. The thing is that the solution is simple like many other solutions, and often, very unfortunately, the simplest solutions get dismissed because “It sounds too simple, so surely, it is not it…” If that sounds familiar, STOP doing this!

It is often that simple. And, yes, that’s a belief, and one that is empowering. Believing it is not, is a belief that is hindering you.

It is that simple; so, here, is how to change something you are unhappy with in 3 steps.

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Turn Adversity On Its Head

Adversity… it is one of those words, isn’t it? One that we hope we will not ever face, or deal with; mostly, because we fear adversity, it scares us.

And, yet, adversity is part of our life, our business, our organization. It happens to all of us, and in this article, I want to focus on how to overcome it, taking a look at a series of factors, from beliefs to passion! Continue reading “Turn Adversity On Its Head”

5 Words That Block Your Success (I Stopped Using Them All, Especially #3!)

I truly believe that words are powerful, and if you are a member of my M3 Power Community, you particularly know that, since we start every week together with a handful of words shared by me to either challenge you, motivate you, energise you, or all of these. These words act as an inspiring nudge to help you start your week the M3 way.


The reason why this is so important is that your words shape your reality. Your brain listens and believes everything that you think and say. This means that your words either ignite or extinguish your next action. It is time to pay attention to your language, so that it supports you as you lead your life, career, and business. Continue reading “5 Words That Block Your Success (I Stopped Using Them All, Especially #3!)”

The Secret Of Achieving That Goal You`ve Been Trying To For Years

Ever wondered what could be the reason behind you not achieving one of your goals, despite trying, and trying, and trying some more? For instance, have you been trying for years to lose weight, or been trying for years to get that senior promotion, or been trying for years to grow your business?

What if I was telling you that this could well be because you actually do not want to achieve your goal. Intrigued? Let’s discuss some more… I know that at first glance, it sounds completely illogical, and yet, it happens more often than you think, and indeed, could be happening to you right now and, for years. I know that it has happened to me before, and upon uncovering this out, saying that I was surprised is an understatement! Continue reading “The Secret Of Achieving That Goal You`ve Been Trying To For Years”

Jump-Start Your 2nd Semester => Top 3 Mindset Highlights!

Wow! Can you believe it?
We are half way through the year!!!

And, to jump-start the second semester, I`d like to feature the mindset shifts, techniques and tips that you, as our readers, have found the most valuable during the first semester.

Whether you are a loyal reader, or are seeing these for the first time, this is a terrific way to either refresh your memory or review a range of popular mindset topics, AND apply the strategies to your life, career or business.

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The Number ONE Enemy Of Success (And How You Want To Befriend It!)

On a recent interview, I was asked for my definition of success; it was not the first time I was asked that particular question, and over the years, my answer has remained the same: for me, success is living on purpose.


Living on purpose gives me the wealth (and you know that when I use this word, I mean way more than “cash”) that makes me successful. So, on one hand, it seems pretty straightforward, right? You want to be happy? Find your purpose, and success will follow. So, how come does it not really work out like this? It does not because, on the other hand, finding your purpose is not exactly the challenge… The challenge comes up with the decision to live your purpose. Continue reading “The Number ONE Enemy Of Success (And How You Want To Befriend It!)”