5 Words That Block Your Success (I Stopped Using Them All, Especially #3!)

I truly believe that words are powerful, and if you are a member of my M3 Power Community, you particularly know that, since we start every week together with a handful of words shared by me to either challenge you, motivate you, energise you, or all of these. These words act as an inspiring nudge to help you start your week the M3 way.


The reason why this is so important is that your words shape your reality. Your brain listens and believes everything that you think and say. This means that your words either ignite or extinguish your next action. It is time to pay attention to your language, so that it supports you as you lead your life, career, and business. Continue reading “5 Words That Block Your Success (I Stopped Using Them All, Especially #3!)”

Reach More Goals With Mental Rehearsal

When you see someone reach their goals again, and again, and again, you more than likely ask yourself: “How do they do it?”, right? Because the basic steps, the goals how-to, you know them; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve either read about goal setting, or even attended a goal setting course before, right? So, that leaves us to wonder: if you know the basics, apply them, and yet, do not reach your goals the same way as your successful colleague, friend, budding entrepreneur does, you must ask yourself, “Am I missing something?”.

There is one answer to this question, and it is Yes! As far, as what it is that you are missing, it falls into 2 categories: 1, the plus steps, and 2, the M3 Mile step.  Continue reading “Reach More Goals With Mental Rehearsal”