Boost Your Productivity One Sticky Note At A Time!

I don’t think a day passes by without me sharing with one of my clients one of my sticky note strategies, so I thought I’d compile my favourite ones, and share these with you today. The reason why these come up often during sessions and talks is that a sticky note (and yes, I’m talking about this small square, often yellow, piece of paper!) is an amazing tool for boosting your productivity.

All of these sticky note ways will work using the original paper version or the electronic ones such as Stickies for MAC or Sticky Notes for PC (two free utilities). And, I know that I’ve written about a clarity brainstorming strategy before, using several packs of sticky notes, in 12 Questions That Lead To Clarity, but where this differs is that each of these only uses ONE sticky note, which in itself is very important as it avoids overwhelm. Continue reading “Boost Your Productivity One Sticky Note At A Time!”