How To Change Something You Are Unhappy With In 3 Steps

Step 1 => Just
Step 2 => Do
Step 3 => It

Just Do It!

Ok, I am kidding!!! But, actually, not that much 😉

I wanted to start this article by getting a reaction from you, and I know that most of you must have smiled. The thing is that the solution is simple like many other solutions, and often, very unfortunately, the simplest solutions get dismissed because “It sounds too simple, so surely, it is not it…” If that sounds familiar, STOP doing this!

It is often that simple. And, yes, that’s a belief, and one that is empowering. Believing it is not, is a belief that is hindering you.

It is that simple; so, here, is how to change something you are unhappy with in 3 steps.

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Turn Adversity On Its Head

Adversity… it is one of those words, isn’t it? One that we hope we will not ever face, or deal with; mostly, because we fear adversity, it scares us.

And, yet, adversity is part of our life, our business, our organization. It happens to all of us, and in this article, I want to focus on how to overcome it, taking a look at a series of factors, from beliefs to passion! Continue reading “Turn Adversity On Its Head”