The Secret Of Achieving That Goal You`ve Been Trying To For Years

Ever wondered what could be the reason behind you not achieving one of your goals, despite trying, and trying, and trying some more? For instance, have you been trying for years to lose weight, or been trying for years to get that senior promotion, or been trying for years to grow your business?

What if I was telling you that this could well be because you actually do not want to achieve your goal. Intrigued? Let’s discuss some more… I know that at first glance, it sounds completely illogical, and yet, it happens more often than you think, and indeed, could be happening to you right now and, for years. I know that it has happened to me before, and upon uncovering this out, saying that I was surprised is an understatement! Continue reading “The Secret Of Achieving That Goal You`ve Been Trying To For Years”

Reach More Goals With Mental Rehearsal

When you see someone reach their goals again, and again, and again, you more than likely ask yourself: “How do they do it?”, right? Because the basic steps, the goals how-to, you know them; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve either read about goal setting, or even attended a goal setting course before, right? So, that leaves us to wonder: if you know the basics, apply them, and yet, do not reach your goals the same way as your successful colleague, friend, budding entrepreneur does, you must ask yourself, “Am I missing something?”.

There is one answer to this question, and it is Yes! As far, as what it is that you are missing, it falls into 2 categories: 1, the plus steps, and 2, the M3 Mile step.  Continue reading “Reach More Goals With Mental Rehearsal”