5.5 Success Mindset Boosters (the 0.5 brings it to another level!)

It is best practice to have a series of strategies to help us run our life, career, and business (you know that as I’ve written about strategies many times before, here and there for instance!). Having strategies in place help us gain more control over our activities, thus ensuring an alignment between tasks and goals, as we work towards, and achieve our desired results.


From having an overall life or career or business strategy, to having specific strategies that we use to guide us on our day-to-day activities: communication strategy, health strategy, marketing strategy, shopping strategy, sales strategy, relationship strategy, development strategy… And, the list goes on, and on. Strategies positively drive and impact our results. Continue reading “5.5 Success Mindset Boosters (the 0.5 brings it to another level!)”

Jump-Start Your 2nd Semester => Top 3 Mindset Highlights!

Wow! Can you believe it?
We are half way through the year!!!

And, to jump-start the second semester, I`d like to feature the mindset shifts, techniques and tips that you, as our readers, have found the most valuable during the first semester.

Whether you are a loyal reader, or are seeing these for the first time, this is a terrific way to either refresh your memory or review a range of popular mindset topics, AND apply the strategies to your life, career or business.

Have a look at this Top 3 Highlights; each blog post has been ranked and a brief overview of the mindset topic has been highlighted, along with one of our reader comments. Continue reading “Jump-Start Your 2nd Semester => Top 3 Mindset Highlights!”