M3 1-05 | The Amazingly Simple Strategy to Open Your World of Possibilities

In this 5th episode of The M3 Mile, I focus on your aspirations to help you take these to another level. You know, absolutely everything that you want to achieve starts as a thought in your mind. And, we’ve spoken before about how your brain registers everything you say, so I want to bring your attention to a specific set of words I hear you say ALL the time. These are not serving you, nor your dreams or goals.

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M3 1-02 | Using This 1 Word Hinders Your Success: Stop It

In this 2nd episode of The M3 Mile, I focus on goals, specifically helping you make yours more reachable: the more reachable they are, the more you’ll accomplish them. This M3 strategy – one of my FAV ones, will take you a split second to apply, yet will have tremendous impact on your actions.

Words are powerful as they shape your reality, and they have everything to do with what you do or do not do. By paying attention to your language, you can ensure that the words you are using are supporting you, as opposed to hindering you. Every time you use that particular word, you hinder your progress; it is harmful to you, your goals and your overall vision. Let’s stop it!

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    The M3 Mile Podcast #1-02 | Using This 1 Word Hinders Your Success: Stop It
    The M3 Mile Podcast #1-02 | Using This 1 Word Hinders Your Success: Stop It

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