M3 1-01 | How to Align Your Behaviours with Your Goals

I want to share something with you. I’ve dreamed about releasing my first (and subsequent) podcast episodes for at least a couple of years. I knew that the next step was to believe it could happen, but I was not there yet… Fast-forward a couple of years and one morning, I realised that this was it: I believed it could happen; from there, I started acting, and voila: that mountain has been climbed and moving. Thus, my immense excitement to say “WooHoo, it is ready.”

You are very welcome to the first episode of my brand new podcast, The M3 Mile!!!

If you already are one of my M3 Power Community members you know – and if you are new, welcome onboard – that I’m familiar with the following statement and question: “Ok, I get it! Mindset is important, but it is so big, where do I start?

This is why I’ve built my Mountain Moving Mindset platform on a set of key M3 facets. Focusing on one facet at a time makes working on and mastering your mindset a lot more manageable and effective. These facets are focus areas, which each consists of a series of shifts and strategies to help and support your growth: one shift at a time, one strategy at a time.

In this inaugural episode of The M3 Mile, I kick this first season by sharing with you my #1 M3 facet. It is the one you want to start with: by focusing on it, you’ll soon discover how your behaviours start to align more and more with your goals. Alignment is critical to your success as the more aligned you are, as in, you consciously align your thoughts, your behaviours, your actions towards your goals, the more focused, productive and driven you are with your results.

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The M3 Mile Podcast #1-01 | How to Align Your Behaviours with Your Goals | Episode Takeaway
The M3 Mile Podcast #1-01 | How to Align Your Behaviours with Your Goals

  • And last, but not least, BIG thank you: to my incredible M3 Team, whose excellent support & work and outstanding dedication & commitment helped bring this entire project to fruition; to Sam Kern, for continuing to design on brand and on point graphics; to esteemed mentors and friends, who have led the way by launching their own shows: Bob Burg, Pat Flynn, Marie Forleo, Lewis Howes, Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, Jeff Walker, James Wedmore, to name a few; to Derek Cronin, who composed the music, which you might have noticed we now use on all of our audio and video materials!!!

What do you think?

I’d love to hear from you! Apply this episode’s strategy and let me know what you start noticing in your own thoughts, behaviours and actions, as well as others. Please leave a comment below and join the conversation.

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Thank YOU

The M3 Mile podcast (and all other M3 resources!) is dedicated to you and your success, and I thank YOU for being here with me! You inspire me: I am here for you, your challenges and your successes. The M3 Mile is not a lonely path: we are in this together.

Until next time ;-)

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