7 Keys To Start Believing In Yourself Again – A Step-by-Step Process To Bounce Back!

I often draw inspiration from my audience when I write my articles; whether it is a live audience or an online one, your questions and challenges matter to me. And, this article is a direct answer to a question I’ve received from one of my M3 Power Community members. I had just shared this quote: To get results, you must have that unshakeable belief you truly believe you can make it happen. And, this member reached out and asked: “How do I get back to a place of believing that I can? With all of the personal setbacks, I’ve kinda lost my belief in myself which is my biggest stumbling block.”

This is an incredible question asked by an incredible person, who reached out to protect their dreams by finding a solution to their problem. And, I have to tell you this (and I am sure it won’t be much of a surprise!): when I speak, when I train, when I coach, when I write, I do it from the heart, and this particular question really had a deep impact on me, as I believe, with all of my heart, mind and body, that our beliefs are critical to our success, and in this case, our self-belief.

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5.5 Success Mindset Boosters (the 0.5 brings it to another level!)

It is best practice to have a series of strategies to help us run our life, career, and business (you know that as I’ve written about strategies many times before, here and there for instance!). Having strategies in place help us gain more control over our activities, thus ensuring an alignment between tasks and goals, as we work towards, and achieve our desired results.


From having an overall life or career or business strategy, to having specific strategies that we use to guide us on our day-to-day activities: communication strategy, health strategy, marketing strategy, shopping strategy, sales strategy, relationship strategy, development strategy… And, the list goes on, and on. Strategies positively drive and impact our results. Continue reading “5.5 Success Mindset Boosters (the 0.5 brings it to another level!)”

Turning One of Your Brain Quirks to Your Advantage!

You know that one of my driving beliefs, which really stands as a cornerstone within the Mountain Moving Mindset platform, is that our brain is absolutely fascinating, and that by harnessing the power of our mind, the M3 Power, we can learn how to make the most of our brain, thus supporting us in our success.


So, what if I was telling you that your brain, how fascinating as it is, has quirks of its own? You would want to know about it, right? And, you would want to know what to do about it to turn that quirk to your advantage, right? So, I want to share with you one of my favourite brain quirks, and go through what it is, why you should pay attention to it and leverage it, and how you can turn it to your advantage.
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Dealing With The Anti-Climax Of Reaching A Milestone (or How To Manage Your Blues)!

Have you ever experienced this before, or you might even be experiencing this right now? You work hard towards something, and when you finally reach it, it is not at all what you thought… You’ve reached your milestone: you did it, it is over, and yet, you wonder: so what, what was all that hard work and excitement about…? Not at all how you thought you’d be feeling: no joy, no happiness. No, instead you are tired, exhausted, numbed, lost, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, moody, empty…

This happens with any milestones and applies to both your personal life – from passing an exam, to graduating, to getting married, to finding out you’re expecting, to having a baby, to celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas, to training and participating in a marathon, as well as your professional life – from launching a new product or service, to being promoted, to leading an event, to speaking at a conference, to writing and publishing a book, etc.

This is called an anti-climax, or the blues; it is a phase experienced after reaching a milestone. And, you know me, I’d never write about anything that I have not experienced myself. I have had LOTS of anti-climax phases and before I knew what it was, I stayed in those phases for weeks, months even, at a time, until I found out ways to deal with these. Continue reading “Dealing With The Anti-Climax Of Reaching A Milestone (or How To Manage Your Blues)!”

Take Charge Of Your Happiness In 6 Steps

This is our 100th article!!!

To mark this occasion, I wanted to do something a little bit different, so this article comes to you via a video (video is under 12min).

I want to talk about that one thing that all of us want; if I were to ask you to list for me what it is that you want in life, from experience, this topic will come up in your Top 10, if not your Top 3. I believe this topic is everything, and it is directly linked to achieving what you want:

You want to be happy.
I want to be happy.
We all want that happiness.
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Boost Your Productivity One Sticky Note At A Time!

I don’t think a day passes by without me sharing with one of my clients one of my sticky note strategies, so I thought I’d compile my favourite ones, and share these with you today. The reason why these come up often during sessions and talks is that a sticky note (and yes, I’m talking about this small square, often yellow, piece of paper!) is an amazing tool for boosting your productivity.

All of these sticky note ways will work using the original paper version or the electronic ones such as Stickies for MAC or Sticky Notes for PC (two free utilities). And, I know that I’ve written about a clarity brainstorming strategy before, using several packs of sticky notes, in 12 Questions That Lead To Clarity, but where this differs is that each of these only uses ONE sticky note, which in itself is very important as it avoids overwhelm. Continue reading “Boost Your Productivity One Sticky Note At A Time!”

The Link Between Making Decisions And Your Future

When we think of achievements and results, we often refer to taking action. It is 100% true: action is critical to success. But it is not 100% complete.

I’d like you to imagine a chain; you can think of your favourite necklace or bracelet, or your car or bicycle chain; see it? You see, how it is formed by a series of links: each link connecting to the next one, that connects to the next one, and it continues for the whole chain. Continue reading “The Link Between Making Decisions And Your Future”