Reach More Goals With Mental Rehearsal

When you see someone reach their goals again, and again, and again, you more than likely ask yourself: “How do they do it?”, right? Because the basic steps, the goals how-to, you know them; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve either read about goal setting, or even attended a goal setting course before, right? So, that leaves us to wonder: if you know the basics, apply them, and yet, do not reach your goals the same way as your successful colleague, friend, budding entrepreneur does, you must ask yourself, “Am I missing something?”.

There is one answer to this question, and it is Yes! As far, as what it is that you are missing, it falls into 2 categories: 1, the plus steps, and 2, the M3 Mile step.  Continue reading “Reach More Goals With Mental Rehearsal”

Jump-Start Your 2nd Semester => Top 3 Mindset Highlights!

Wow! Can you believe it?
We are half way through the year!!!

And, to jump-start the second semester, I`d like to feature the mindset shifts, techniques and tips that you, as our readers, have found the most valuable during the first semester.

Whether you are a loyal reader, or are seeing these for the first time, this is a terrific way to either refresh your memory or review a range of popular mindset topics, AND apply the strategies to your life, career or business.

Have a look at this Top 3 Highlights; each blog post has been ranked and a brief overview of the mindset topic has been highlighted, along with one of our reader comments. Continue reading “Jump-Start Your 2nd Semester => Top 3 Mindset Highlights!”