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Mindset is what sets your organisation apart – it is THE factor in determining your success. Frederique Murphy
is a mindset strategist who specialises in Inspirational Leadership. By equipping you with inspiration and
scientifically-based strategies, she instils beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to create lasting change.
With over 15 years of experience in corporate change and expertise in positive psychology, neuroscience
and behaviour change, she helps your organisation reap the benefits of tapping into the power of the mind.


Your mindset drives every single thing that you do in life, and in the way that you lead yourself, your career, your organisation.

What would it mean to your success to have leaders who are equipped to move through extraordinary change?


Our Mission

To inspire and equip your leaders to move through extraordinary change as your organisation’s best moments are on the other side of your employees’ fears.


Our Approach

Frederique uniquely blends her gift of inspiration with her strategic thinking to drive powerful practical transformations throughout your organisation.


Our Keynotes

With her ‘practical magic’ she excites audiences and awakens the neural paths in their brains: the extraordinary awaits you on your path to change.


You hold the power of starting something new in your life, career or business: anytime is the perfect time for a fresh start.


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It is fascinating to utilise the power of your mind to change your brain.


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We’re thrilled to work with amazing organisations in over a dozen of countries from across the globe, on speaking, training and consulting engagements. Frederique has inspired and equipped leaders from SAP, Microsoft, Nebext, ibtmWorld, Junior Chamber International and many others, to move through extraordinary change.

About Frederique

Your mind bridges the gap between the impossible and the possible, so that you can make "it " happen.

The theme in Frederique’s life has been transformation. Transformation in her life, of the organisations she has worked for, and a devotion to helping transform the lives, careers and businesses of others.


Her Story

Her journey started at 18 when she left the world she knew behind and ventured ‘toute seule’ to a foreign country with next to nothing.


Her Expertise

Making change happen: with her years of immersion in positive psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change combined with her corporate experience.


Her Vision

With her Mountain Moving Mindset platform, teaching your leaders to master their minds, so that they can move mountains for your organisation.


Thank YOU for visiting Frederique’s website. We LOVE hearing from you, and answering any questions you may have about her transformational range of products, services and events, so that Frederique can help you bring your organisation to a whole new level, by equipping and inspiring your leaders to move through extraordinary change.

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