The M3 Mile

The M3 Mile podcast is a weekly video and audio show designed to provide you with Mountain Moving Mindset bite-sized insights and strategies. Both of these – empowering insights to make you shift straight away and actionable strategies to apply straight away – help you live and lead your life, career, business and organisation the M3 way.
That’s what The M3 Mile is about: inspiring and equipping you with scientifically-based strategies to support you on your journey, as you climb and move your mountains, accomplishing your extraordinary day after day.

If you are ready to reach a new level in altitude, join me and embark upon your M3 journey where beliefs, attitudes and behaviours will be instilled to create lasting change. Ready?

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Season 1

To kick-this off, here is the first season, which will consist of 10 episodes. As I release one new episode per week, on Tuesdays, I’ll add it to the list below. Click on each of the episodes to access the episode description, as well as the episode resources, such as transcript, links and references.

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  • Episode 1: How to Align Your Behaviours with Your Goals Access It
  • Episode 2: Using This 1 Word Hinders Your Success: Stop It Access It
  • Episode 3: Overcome ‘Idea Overwhelm’ by Managing Your Creative Burst Access It
  • Episode 4: The Secret of How You Can Control Your Feelings Access It
  • Episode 5: The Simple Strategy to Open Your World of Possibilities Access It
  • Episode 6: How to Increase Job Satisfaction and Boost Performance Access It
  • Episode 7: Do You Make This Mistake with Your To Do List? Access It
  • Episode 8: The 3-Step Strategy to Take Back Control of Your Time Access It
  • Episode 9: Discover the Surprising Phenomenon in Team Productivity Access It
  • Episode 10: Harness Your Brain to Be Motivated and Keep Going Access It

Season 2: Coming in 2016!