The Link Between Making Decisions And Your Future

When we think of achievements and results, we often refer to taking action. It is 100% true: action is critical to success. But it is not 100% complete.

The Link Between Making Decisions And Your Future

I’d like you to imagine a chain; you can think of your favourite necklace or bracelet, or your car or bicycle chain; see it? You see, how it is formed by a series of links: each link connecting to the next one, that connects to the next one, and it continues for the whole chain.

Now, back to you, and your life, career and business. Your journey, your M3 Mile, is like a chain, where each of the chain links represents a decision bringing you to the next link, to the next step onto that path.

When you hold your chain, you can look into two directions: back and ahead.

Looking back…

By looking back, you can see the previous links; each link representing a previous decision. Taking the time to see all of the previous decisions you have made is good. Where you are today is the direct result of the decisions you have made in the past. Think about it: you would not be where you are right now if you had not made those decisions.

All of the decisions you’ve made in the past are impacting where you are today. That in itself does deserve a conscious acknowledgement; it is good to hone your past decisions as they’ve brought you here.

There is power in taking responsibility, on how you’ve been leading your life, career, and business up to now. But, that is not where the chain ends… It continues, as every second is an opportunity to change something should you decide it.

You’ve made these decisions, you’ve learned from them, and you move on to the next link, as that next one is the one that will define your future.

Looking ahead!

See, all of the other links? These are the decisions that have not been made yet. Where you want to be tomorrow will be the direct result of the decisions you are about to make. It gives you great control over your aspirations, goals and dreams, and moving them in the direction you want them to go.

You control your future as you have the power to shape it; start defining it by making your next decision now. Click to tweet!

You control your future as you have the power to shape it; start defining it by making your next decision now. That next link, your next decision will directly impact your future.

And, from one link, connecting to the other, one decision bringing you once step closer to your aspirations, goals and dreams. And, to the next link, and the next one, and the next one… Every time you make a new decision, you will progress, and move along the chain.

There are times when we can feel stuck, lost, and overwhelmed, and this strategy is guaranteed to make you progress. Make a decision, follow it up with a series of actions, and experience the progress you’ll make towards your future.

Your ability to move forward depends on your ability to make decisions.

Implement this straight away: ask yourself what is that decision that needs to be made today, and make it!

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This is important to remember: every decision in your career is a key link to your future.