Reach More Goals With Mental Rehearsal

When you see someone reach their goals again, and again, and again, you more than likely ask yourself: “How do they do it?”, right? Because the basic steps, the goals how-to, you know them; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve either read about goal setting, or even attended a goal setting course before, right? So, that leaves us to wonder: if you know the basics, apply them, and yet, do not reach your goals the same way as your successful colleague, friend, budding entrepreneur does, you must ask yourself, “Am I missing something?”. 

Step Up Your Game By Reaching More Of Your Goals

There is one answer to this question, and it is Yes! As far, as what it is that you are missing, it falls into 2 categories: 1, the plus steps, and 2, the M3 Mile step. 

1, The plus steps, I cover these, in length, in my Goal Reaching handbook, which you can get right now as it comes complimentary when joining the free and inspiring M3 Power Community. It is important, in order to maximise your goals reach, that you go above and beyond goal setting, and this tracker helps you do that, step-by step. 2, The M3 Mile step, that extra step, that “je ne sais quoi” step, that enables you to reach more of your goals!

That M3 Mile step will no longer be mysterious, as I’m sharing it with you in this article, so that you too can reach a lot more of your goals. Reaching your goals is key to your success, and it spans across everything: life, career, business. And, thanks to this strategy, you absolutely can step up your game by reaching more of your goals.

In the excellent and ‘brain-blowing’ book, Make Your Brain Work, Amy Brann writes: “Neuroscientists believe that being able to see and hold in your mind a picture of what you want to do makes it possible to then do it.” She also shares, later in the book, within the ‘What is possible’ sub-chapter, an absolutely fascinating study, where “at an hospital in New York researchers worked to try to make people who were paralysed move again”, and you need to get your hands on the book to read the results! So, what is possible? In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Visualisation is powerful, but not without acting; it’s about acting & stepping up, by leveraging the power of visualisation. Click to tweet!

Here, I believe is the clue of that not-so-missing-anymore step: visualisation. And, before I continue, just to be sure, as I know most of you do know already: it is not about visualising without acting; it is about acting and stepping up your game by leveraging the power of visualisation.

What if, as you are working towards your goals, you visualise having reached them already?

Champions, in both physical and mental sports, from boxing to chess, such as Muhammad Ali, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Natan Sharansky all credit their success to mental rehearsal, a form of visualisation.

Visualisation is a powerful success strategy, and will help you step up your game by:

      • Boosting your motivation,
      • Inspiring you to push through,
      • Sustaining your momentum,
      • Increasing your confidence,
      • Improving your focus,
      • Enhancing your performance,
      • Enticing you to reach higher and bigger!

All of these, which are critical to achieve more by reaching more of your goals.

So, let’s look at a couple of examples: Context / Goal / Visualisation

  • Life / Run a marathon / What will you experience when you achieve it? You want to focus on as many details as possible: what you’ll see, hear, sense, feel, touch, smell, taste.
  • Career / Get that promotion / What will you experience when you achieve it? You want to focus on as many details as possible: what you’ll see, hear, sense, feel, touch, smell, taste.
  • Business / Speak in front of a live audience / What will you experience when you achieve it? You want to focus on as many details as possible: what you’ll see, hear, sense, feel, touch, smell, taste.

And, here we have it:

Goal Success Formula

M3 Goal Reaching 9-step process + The 10th M3 Mile Step (Visualisation)

Action and Visualisation is a powerful combo that will
help you reach your goal, again, and again, and again!

Albert Einstein said: “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions“. 

Be limitless with what you can achieve; always remember that the only limits you have are the ones you gave yourself. Click to tweet!

Have you used visualisation before? If so, would you share your experience in how this step is helping you? In not, for which life, career, and business’ goals are you going to use this strategy today?

Please leave a comment and join the below conversation!

Until next time ;-)

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  • ntathu

    Bless you Frederique, you hit the nail on the head (funny expression!) visualisation plus action is key component in helping us get through challenges and obstacles. I speak from experience, as I remember going through a low patch in creating my product and one of the tools I used to get me through and keep me going was imaging myself speaking at an event, product in hand and sharing my journey with audience, I felt so great and it boosted my energy and confidence knowing that it is still holding that image and working towards making it happen. Sounds like a cue for a sticky note moment! Hugs and thanks.

    • Frederique Murphy

      Hi Ntathu,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it is, isn’t it? Great to see you pick up on that language ;-)

      I appreciate you sharing one of your experiences as I know it will help my readers get extra insights on this strategy.

      It is so SO powerful, as you’ve found out yourself that one strategy has an impact on your energy and confidence, and as I mentioned in the article, on your motivation, inspiration, momentum, focus and performance too!

      Ouh la la, love the sticky note moment.

      Have an incredible Sunday,

  • Scooter

    As always Frederiue you get straight to the point an hit the nail in the wall. Before anyone can make a dream come true or achieve a goal, we must visualize how we want them to turnout. Throughout my career i always had this fear of speaking ampngst my peers or juniors but not from the speaking alone but from worried about looking stupid and my accent. I just step up to the plate after visualizing how i am going to present the lecture and as i am up there my confidence grows and i am in that comfort zone. I share this with my Sailors so when its their time to step and present a brief or lecture they can take something away and use it to their advantage.

    • Frederique Murphy

      Hi Scooter,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Delighted you like the directness of the articles, including this one.

      And, grateful, you too are sharing your experience of your old fear of speaking. I know many of my readers will relate and see that strategy as a useful one to help them overcome their own fears.

      Many of the athletes I mentioned in the article explain how by visualising that shot, that move, that goal, that score, that hole, that slam-dunk, they train themselves in knowing, feeling, seeing, hearing how it it, so that they are used to it, when it actually happens.

      Thanks for sharing the article with your network, I appreciate it.

      Have a sumptuous Sunday,

  • Aoife Hearne

    Great article Frederique! “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – so true!

    • Frederique Murphy

      Hi Aoife,

      Thanks for the comment; delighted you’ve enjoyed the read.

      Ah yes, such wise words from Napoleon Hill; to this day, his book is one of my FAV ones (full top 10 list here

      Have a great Wednesday,