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Hello! If you are new here or have been visiting for a while and are now ready to take action, I want to welcome you. This is an exciting time: you are here, you have decided to make it happen, and now, you are probably wondering where to start, right?


I have specifically designed this page to help you start on your Mountain Moving Mindset, so that you put your best foot forward as you start your climb! Your first couple of steps are key in you moving your own mountains, and to support you, I have put together this 3-step plan to help you make the most of your journey.


Thanks to this M3 Start, getting started on your Mountain Moving Mindset is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Any of these steps will help you start, and following all of these will create the biggest impact in helping you make your “it” happen; here are the steps (click on each of the buttons for more)!


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I love to teach! And, one of the ways I do that is by writing and blogging regularly; there is A LOT of content on this site, and it would take you weeks (if not months!) to read it all. So, to kick it off, have a look at these 10 most popular M3 Power blog posts and articles, chosen by people like you, who have found these to be the most valuable ones.

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FrederiqueMurphy_Step3It is a secret…

VERY soon to be revealed!!! Days are numbered…!


There you have them; remember, these 3 steps will help you start on your Mountain Moving Mindset, so that you put your best foot forward as you start your climb.

So, on your mark, get set, climb!!!

Kind regards,

Frederique Murphy

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