What would it mean to your success to have leaders
who are equipped to move through extraordinary change?

Specifically, how would your organisation be different if the leader inside every one of your employees emerged & you had an organisation full of empowered leaders and…

  • …your leaders engaged with and were invigorated by your vision?
  • …your leaders were at their peak performance whenever needed?
  • …your leaders’ beliefs, attitudes and feelings aligned with your mission?
  • …your leaders stopped letting negative thoughts control them?
  • …your leaders had the confidence to think, decide and act in line with your strategy?

As a result, what goals would your organisation meet if…

  • …your leaders were brimming with energy and motivation?
  • …your leaders were less stressed and more fulfilled?
  • …your leaders were bursting with creativity and driving innovation?
  • …your leaders bounced back resiliently from challenging situations?
  • …your leaders had the drive to take action to enhance your results?

“What she’s saying is that we CAN tap into the power of our minds and accomplish extraordinary things – and then she shows us how.” Lauren Methena, Briefings Media Group

Watch Frederique in Action

Imagine what would happen to your organisation when your leaders are
inspired and equipped by Frederique to move through extraordinary change…



Designed as 60-90 minute keynotes, these content-rich presentations will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your audience and can also be delivered as workshops or half-day seminars. Frederique speaks worldwide: enquire today to hear about her easy and no surprise flat travel rate.

Lead Beyond The Edge
The M3 Path to Greater Productivity, Resilience and Wellbeing

The extraordinary happens beyond the edge of that box we have built around ourselves. Everything you desire is beyond your comfort zone. Your best moments are on the other side of your fears. So, how will YOU reach your next level? Your mindset is what sets your organisation apart. This inspiring and insightful session uses science to help you break through your limits to grow.


Thrive On Transformation
The M3 Path to Embracing Disruption, Overcoming Resistance and Gaining Speed

The extraordinary awaits you on your path to change. And, while we know how beneficial change is, we naturally resist it. Therein lies the problem we face. You must bridge the gap between the fear and the opportunity to change. So, how will YOU reach your next level? Your mindset is the key success driver to transformation. This inspiring and insightful session uses science to help you thrive on change to leap ahead.

Frederique will equip your attendees with her Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) to awaken the neural paths in their brain. They will learn how to tap into the power of the mind and lead & thrive with their newly acquired M3 Power to take your organisation to a whole new level.

“Frederique lives her truth and is a vibrant presenter who has great passion, knowledge, energy and positivity that is conducive to creating real change.”
Mary Devine

Have your audience embark upon their M3 journey, where beliefs, attitudes and behaviours will be instilled to create lasting change. Your organisation’s best moments are on the other side of your employees’ challenges, doubts and fears. Having inspired and equipped leaders will impact your organisation in extraordinary ways:

  • your employees will become empowered, committed and determined leaders,
  • your leaders will be engaged with and invigorated by your vision,
  • your leaders’ beliefs, attitudes and feelings will align with your mission,
  • your leaders will have the confidence to think and decide in line with your strategy,
  • your leaders will have the drive to take action enhancing your results.

“It was a really transformational experience for me to see her on stage.” Dominika Miernik

“The focus on the mind was both inspiring but thought provoking and tangible.”
Mark Sephton, Radio Plus

“WOW! She was magnificent!” Sandra L Walsh

With her distinctive approach to self-development, Frederique uniquely blends her gift of inspiration with her strategic thinking to drive powerful practical transformations in your organisation. She has an amazing ability to digest the science and translate it into practical steps that are instantly memorable to your employees. Her inspirational style is unique: she lights up the stage with her ‘je ne sais quoi’. Combining personal stories with her business expertise, she weaves passion with humour, vulnerability and energy to captivate your audience, awaken the neural paths in their brains and maximise what they learn so that they take their life, career and your organisation to a whole new level.

With Frederique’s Lead Beyond the Edge and Thrive On Transformation keynotes, audiences will be equipped with a Mountain Moving Mindset. Organisations will reap the benefits of tapping into the power of the mind as attendees will walk away with actionable strategies to:

  • Achieve peak performance and be more productive
  • Conquer fear and become limitless
  • Overcome challenges and be more resilient
  • Control thoughts and be less stressed
  • Increase energy and be more motivated
  • Embrace change and be more innovative
  • Boost confidence and experience greater wellbeing

We call this suite of strategies The M3 Effect and you’ll get that effect no matter where you place her keynote. Frederique is a real asset for your conference from opening to closing! What better way to kick off an event than to have Frederique inspire the audience to expand their mindset – it leaves them beautifully primed to soak up whatever they hear next! At the closing of your conference when audience members are still digesting everything they’ve learned, bring Frederique in as your special agent for change.

“Her energy was contagious while her content was very clear and practical. The feedback we received from the members who attended her keynote was terrific, and I, among many, left the room equipped to make positive changes in my life.” Ronan Neacy

As part of the keynote package, you’ll receive a range of resources to share across your organisation to ensure that your employees are always working on their mindset. The M3 Effect is all about change and the full keynote package ensures that the changes are both far-reaching and long-lasting.

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Frederique’s Mountain Moving Mindset Principles


  1. Your mindset is what will make or break you; it has a direct impact on your results.
    Frederique believes that your mindset is a powerful inherent force within. You can allow that force to sabotage your results or you can use it to help you succeed. Your employees’ mindset is what sets your organisation apart. It is THE factor that will determine how outstanding or how average your results are.
  1. The extraordinary can happen with an inspired workplace.
    One of Frederique’s most well-known sayings is “absolutely amazing things happen when you believe”. Frederique knows how to instil beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to create lasting change. When your employees are inspired with a Mountain Moving Mindset, believing in themselves and your organisation, the extraordinary can happen.
  1. Change your employees’ mindset, change what your organisation can do.
    Frederique believes that you can learn to change your mindset to set yourself up for success. She equips your employees with the inspiration and scientifically-based strategies they need to take their life, career and your organisation to a whole new level. She knows that by learning how to strengthen their mindset, your employees can drive your organisation to succeed.

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Partial Client List

“Not only were you “standing on the edge” of a big jump in your life’s story, but you had me, and others, on that edge with you. The combination of your own personal stories woven in with very clear steps and strategies for confronting and overcoming fear, tantalized me as I waited expectantly to hear the conclusions of each of those stories.” Gene Early

Blue Sky
Briefings Media Group
Client Magnets
Digital Enterprise Show (by Nebext)
European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)
ibtm world (by Reed Exhibitions)
Ingersoll Rand
Junior Chamber International (JCI)
Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland (LBCAI)
National Association of Women in Business
SAP Americas, Inc.
Small Biz Association
TEDx (Dublin, Ireland)
University of Bangor (partnering with Synaptic Potential)
Workplace Training Center

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Watch More of Frederique in Action

“There have been some many ah has, that I cannot pinpoint one big one.
If you get the chance to attend this event, go for it, sometimes you just can’t put
everything into words, it is a life time experience and should be experienced
by everyone at least once. I know this is only the beginning…!” Gertrude Lawler

Are you ready to Move through Extraordinary Change?

With Frederique’s ‘practical magic’ you will learn how to lead beyond the edge and thrive on transformation. You will find that you and your organisation can step up, move forward and reach a new altitude. You will be on that Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) path where the extraordinary happens.

For more details on how Frederique can help you inspire and equip your teams and audiences, contact Speaking Manager, Aoibhe Cantwell, to discuss hiring Frederique to speak at your next event.