5 Strategies To Get Yourself Into Gear (How To Start Anything Anytime Anywhere)

Do you find it hard to start a new project? If so, you are going to love these mindset strategies, as your mindset has everything to do with what you start… and what you don’t.

5 Strategies To Get Yourself Into Gear (Start Anything Anytime Anywhere)


Take a look at these five strategies: by identifying those that have been holding you back up to now, you will already powerfully kick-start something new in yourself, and in your life, career or business.

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5.5 Success Mindset Boosters (the 0.5 brings it to another level!)

It is best practice to have a series of strategies to help us run our life, career, and business (you know that as I’ve written about strategies many times before, here and there for instance!). Having strategies in place help us gain more control over our activities, thus ensuring an alignment between tasks and goals, as we work towards, and achieve our desired results.

5.5 Mindset Boosters


From having an overall life or career or business strategy, to having specific strategies that we use to guide us on our day-to-day activities: communication strategy, health strategy, marketing strategy, shopping strategy, sales strategy, relationship strategy, development strategy… And, the list goes on, and on. Strategies positively drive and impact our results. Continue Reading

Understand This One Brain Filter Today And Be A Better Leader Tomorrow (you use it every day, so make sure it works for you!)

Did you know that we view and experience our own reality through a series of filters? These mind filters help us both from an input perspective (taking in information) and an output one (releasing information). We use them all the time, whether we realise it or not: these are critical to enable our brain to process the considerable amount of information we face in our daily lives.


Understanding how your brain works helps you operate at your best mindfully – with yourself AND others.

By understanding how your brain works, and specifically today how this filter works and how you personally handle it, you will be able to fully leverage it, improve so many things in your life, career, and business, and be a better leader. This is what is exciting about neuro-leadership, so let’s discuss this specific brain filter! Continue Reading

Turning One of Your Brain Quirks to Your Advantage!

You know that one of my driving beliefs, which really stands as a cornerstone within the Mountain Moving Mindset platform, is that our brain is absolutely fascinating, and that by harnessing the power of our mind, the M3 Power, we can learn how to make the most of our brain, thus supporting us in our success.

Turning One of Your Brain Quirks to Your Advantage!

So, what if I was telling you that your brain, how fascinating as it is, has quirks of its own? You would want to know about it, right? And, you would want to know what to do about it to turn that quirk to your advantage, right? So, I want to share with you one of my favourite brain quirks, and go through what it is, why you should pay attention to it and leverage it, and how you can turn it to your advantage.
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5 Words That Block Your Success (I Stopped Using Them All, Especially #3!)

I truly believe that words are powerful, and if you are a member of my M3 Power Community, you particularly know that, since we start every week together with a handful of words shared by me to either challenge you, motivate you, energise you, or all of these. These words act as an inspiring nudge to help you start your week the M3 way.

5 Words That Block Your Success

The reason why this is so important is that your words shape your reality. Your brain listens and believes everything that you think and say. This means that your words either ignite or extinguish your next action. It is time to pay attention to your language, so that it supports you as you lead your life, career, and business. Continue Reading

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