7 Steps To Turning Imaginary Dreams Into Reachable Goals

Recently, one of my M3 Power Community members reached out to me and said: “I dream a lot, but I can’t seem to make it happen for real.” Can you relate? I know that I can, and for sure remember a time in my life when this was happening. You see, we all dream, but we don’t all turn dream into reality.

7 Steps To Turning Imaginary Dreams Into Reachable Goals

From experience, both personal and working with clients, these are seven of the most common reasons why a dream remains a dream: the dream is fuzzy; the dream clashes with an existing reality; the dream is private; the dream is overwhelming; the dream is intangible; the dream is “just” a dream; the dream is the end.

If these are not being tackled, then your dreams will remain dreams. The same way that we have 2 minds (an unconscious one and a conscious one), it is good to also realise that a dream resides in dream-land, a goal in reality-land, and it takes steps to shift it from one land to the other.

These 7 steps will help you turn your dreams into reachable goals. I know that you might have read some of these before, but there is a big difference in reading something and actually following through. So, I recommend you follow through on these steps right now, as you are reading along, no time like the present, so get a notebook and a pen, and let’s do this.

The dream is fuzzy…
Step #1 => Scribe it. Your dream needs to be clear. Close your eyes for a few minutes and dream the dream: what do you see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and feel? This is your dream. Write it down, we do not want a 1-sentence goal here, we need the full dream, and this can take a few pages. You want to include as many details as possible.

The dream clashes with an existing reality…
Step #2 => Align it. Your dream needs to be congruent with your other goals and aligned with your reality; it is a must. So, check that it is by asking yourself “When this happens, will it have a positive impact on…?”. If you are getting a no, and yet, really want that dream, then, you need to amend your reality, so that your dream can fit in.

The dream is private…
Step #3 => Launch it. Your dream needs to be revealed; as long as you keep it in your head, it is abstract. So, share it out loud. I suggest your share it now to 5 people (or come on, go for it, and share it in the below Comments section!). This will not only make it more real, but it will also raise your accountability.

The dream is overwhelming…
Step #4 => Chunk it. Your dream needs to be chunked down; take the BIG dream, chunk it down into manageable chunks by identifying the chunks; each of these is a project on its own. Then, you build your plan. For each project, extract the milestones. And, for each milestone, extract the actions. BIG Dream => Project(s) => Milestone(s) => Manageable Actions.

The dream is intangible…
Step #5 => Set it. Your dream needs to be framed. If I say “One day, I’ll complete a marathon.”, this is completely intangible, and it does sound like a dream, right? Now, how about I say “On Monday 28th of October, 2013, I will take part in the Dublin Marathon, and complete it.” Can you hear how much more tangible it is now?

The dream is “just” a dream…
Step #6 => Trust it. Your dream needs to be believable. You need to believe in it. You must not only trust that it is possible for it to happen, but also trust that it will happen for it to actually happen. You must ensure that your beliefs are entirely supporting your dream, and upon identifying the beliefs that are not supporting it, ditch these.

When going for your dream, don’t wait to reach it to be dreamy; enjoy and savour every single project, milestone and action! Click to tweet!

The dream is the end…
Step #7 => Enjoy it. Your dream needs to be enjoyable along the way. When going for your dream, don’t wait to reach it to be dreamy; enjoy and savour every single project, milestone and action! I recommend you not only track and monitor progress along the way on a regular basis, but also celebrate every milestone.

Henry David Thoreau said: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. There is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” These 7 steps are your foundations that will help you turn your dreams into reality, and here is an easy way for you to remember them: they spell as C.A.S.T.L.E.S.: Chunk, Align, Scribe, Trust, Launch, Enjoy, Set.

Each of these steps is a brick to your castle, built by reaching your goals, one after the other. Your goals are giving you a timeline to success, a path to your vision. Make it happen, one goal at a time.

So, go build your C.A.S.T.L.E.S! What dream will you turn into reality from today onwards?

Please leave a comment and join the below conversation!

Until next time ;-)

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Comments received via Twitter:

  • http://twitter.com/SoulSteering Anne Bellamy

    Great post Frederique! Lots of good advice here. I do wonder about “launch it” though. I get that telling people your goals makes you more accountable and more likely to follow through (in fact I’ve done that many times). But I also think there are times when it’s best to keep goals to yourself. Sometimes the “energy vampires” come out and try to dissuade us from our goals. It’s usually family members or old friends who aren’t aligned with our own dreams and think we should stay at their level and not reach for more. How would you deal with such situations? Thanks!

    • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

      Hi Anne,

      Thanks for the comment; delighted you’ve enjoyed the read.

      That is a great point, and thank you for bringing it up as I’m sure it is something that many readers would have had experienced, or will experience in the future. I know that what you are mentioning happens; in fact, it has not only happened to me before, but also to (most of my) clients. Here is what I think, and why I still think that this is a must step.

      It is a must step to “Launch it”, but, and here I’ll add a distinction, as much as you can, avoid launching it to unsupportive people, as it is not useful, and will not help you, nor support you. But, it needs to be launched. I believe that we need to Launch it, no matter what, and you need to pick your audiences.

      By hiding it, in fear of the “energy vampires”, you send mix messages to your mind: on one hand, you have this dream that you want to make happen, but you won’t say it out loud because you are fearful of the reactions, and of people trying to dissuade you. So, here, the question is (and it is to look inwards), how strongly do you believe in making your dream come true and how committed are you to make it happen despise possible wrong energies around you? Also, ask yourself, could those people really dissuade you? If so, it highlights something else going on inside your mind: it means that a tiny part of you actually is not fully committed, nor fully believe in the dream, and that really needs to be work on and addressed.

      Regarding having “energy vampires” around, I’d ask, why keep them around? I often speak and write about how important our network is, and we must take responsibility as we do indeed choose the people we surround ourselves with, so it is up to us to cut the tie(s) when we need to; it will not only free you, but free them too, as such relationships are not fulfilling for any of the parties. Now, you mentioned “family members”, and I can understand how difficult it would be to cut ties ;-) So, here is one of my strategies; it is very simple, and yet works like a charm. Around them, you control the conversation topics, which mean that for those members who are unsupportive, if you cannot, not be around them, then, you can at least control the “what” of your conversations, and protect yourself by avoiding these topics.

      And, to add one more thing: It is important to stand proudly, and own your dreams and goals; don’t let anyone stop you in your track because they laugh, judge or negatively talk about them. If you let them do that to you, you give them your power. When going for the “impossible”, you’re creating a new trail; be ready for some people to doubt, judge, laugh, and be strong. I even would say that I really believe that your dreams, goals and milestones need to be SO big and challenging that some people will talk about them and laugh at them; the MOST important thing is that these inspire and empower you, as you, and only you, have the power to make these happen.

      Have a wonderful week,

      • http://twitter.com/SoulSteering Anne Bellamy

        Thanks Frederique! That’s great advice and makes a lot of sense. I appreciate you addressing my question :-) “Launching it” is something I’ve struggled with in the past, but you’re right, picking your audience is important.
        Thanks again!

        • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

          You are very welcome Anne!

  • http://twitter.com/MjcostelloJ Michael J Costello

    Frederique, I love your post. A great seven steps. On the Set it step consider making it a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. One that stretches you and lifts the project out of the ordinary everyday routines. look forward to seeing you on the streets of Dublin in October!!

    • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the comment; glad you loved these steps!

      I agree, it is important and one of the M3 facets for sure, to dream BIG and have BOLD goals; the “Set it” step is all about framing it, so adding a date to have a deadline. And, regarding dreaming BIG and having BOLD goals, I can recommend this previous article to ensure that we all play small and do not trick ourselves by picking “safe” dreams: http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/?p=975

      Have a fantastic week,

  • http://www.womaninleadership.com/ Stacie Walker

    Love it! C.A.S.T.L.E.S.: Chunk, Align,Scribe, Trust, Launch, Enjoy, Set. Now that is advice that we can all apply to our daily tasks. Thank you, Frederique for your leadership.

    Stacie Walker

    • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

      Hi Stacie,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes, you are right, the C.A.S.T.L.E.S strategy can be applied to all daily activities and guide us as we lead our life, career, and/or business; it works great as a routine too!

      Have a superb week,

      • http://www.womaninleadership.com/ Stacie Walker

        Thanks for sharing your knowledge through your inspiring words of wisdom.

        • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

          It is my pleasure and passion, thanks Stacie!!!

  • Sandra Louise walsh

    Really informative post Frederique, I love the castles analogy, and I could picture the building of them in the air and then the vital point of putting foundations in place to make them real.

    I’m posting a link to it on my blog because I really couldn’t put it better so thank you for your continuing inspiration ;-)

    • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

      Hi Sandra,
      How lovely to see your smiley face popping in on my blog ;-)

      Thanks for the comment; delighted you’ve enjoyed the read and it is my pleasure to inspire, it is even an honour!

      This is one of my personal favourite pieces and, what you are describing is exactly what I envision the process to facilitate.

      And, thank YOU for sharing this article on your own blog; I SO appreciate it, as it helps spread the M3 Power even further!!!

      Have a wonderful Friday and weekend,